NBB Quang Ngai One Member Co.,LTD.

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NBB Quang Ngai One Member Co.,LTD. (NQN QUANG NGAI)
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CEO: Tran Dinh Tuan
Headquarter: lot C1.3 Tinh Phong Industrial Area, Tinh Phong, Son Tinh Ward, Quang Ngai Province.
Tax Code: 4300 319 588
Phone: 055.3671 400   Fax:  055.3677 577
Email :
Authorized Capital: 10 billion VND ( 100% owned by CII E&C )
Function: On behalf of CII E&C, NQN Quang Ngai manages, operates and trades in products of Granite Stones, scantling,… in Quang Ngai.
Revenue in 2015: 49,644 billion VND, increased by 83% in comparison with one in 2014. After-tax profit increased by 104% in comparison with one previous year.

Mines and Plants currently owned by NBQ:

  • Tho Bac Quarry: located in Tịnh Thọ , Son Tinh Ward, Quang Ngai Province; 
Quarrying area: 21,8 ha
Productivity: 400,000 cubic meter per year.
Supplier of scantling products for projects and entire market in Quang ngai
  • Binh Nguyen Quarry: Located in Binh Nguyen, Son Tinh Ward, Quang Ngai Province,
Quarrying area 6,2 ha
Productivity 49.000 cubic meter per year.
The quarry is under quarrying and trading.
  • Nui Mang Quarry:Located  in Nghia Phuong,Tu Nghia ward,Quang Ngai Province
Quarrying area: 4,4 ha
Productivity: 25.000 cubic meter per year.
Supplier of Granite Plant.
  • Granite Plant: Located in lot C1.3 Tinh Phong Industrial Area, Tinh Phong, Son Tinh Ward, Quang Ngai Province. Granite plant produces Granite used in construction and interior decorating.

Productivity: 10,481 square meter per year.
Total investment: 17,45 billion VND.
Supplier of NBB, CII,…

After 14 years operating, executive board quickly captured the demand of development, pushed the activities of investing and trading in property into the main business and made best efforts to create high-quality works. The quality of works and benefits of their customers and labors is the prerequisite for sustainable development in the future.
The development of NQN today is contributed by team of active managers, experienced and professional employees who are working hard. In addition to the expansion in investment and corporation on various aspects, NQN invested in modern machines, means of construction, guarantees the speed of construction and the quality of works.

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Address: 185 Hoa Lan, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan Dist. Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: +848 3512 2712   -  Fax: +848 3512 0633
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